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FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions


How can I test javascript in my pages?

HttpUnit can test javascript if you add "js.jar" to your classpath. This extra jar can be found in the morebot source repository at /morebot/lib/js.jar

Javascript testing gives me errors I want to ignore (an overly sensitive javascript parsing)

Remove or rename the jar /morebot/lib/js.jar

How can I use Morebot for my site that does not have a login?

Just leave the username field empty, and no login will be attempted.

How can I authenticate using HTTP basic authentication?

Erase the (form-based) login URL, and form-based user and password preferences in your morebot.xml file. These preferences signal that form-based login is used. Then add the user/pass preferences for HTTP basic authentication. See configs/sampleBasicAuth.xml for an example.

How can I make the spidering go faster?

Put Morebot on the same computer as the web server, so that there is no network lag. Also, if it is spidering the same *kind* of pages, consider adding a "limitRepetionsRegexp" expression to the configuration so that pages of a similar type are skipped after the first test.